over the,,, years (I KNOW WHAT EVEN HOW DID THIS WEBSITE SURVIVE A YEAR), has acquired a suprising amount of content for what could best be described as a css host for miniwatrix
however, since throwing away all that content would be LAME
i decided to store all of it here. also includes all the music you've (hopefully) been listening to during your stay here, along with an incomplete version of 2, that includes a messagebox. (note: unmoderated, content warning for literally everything ever!!!)

old content!

files and music,

other things~ 3 changelog

(using yyyy/mm/dd format)

2021/3/01 1 archive added (wtf?!?!?!?!?!)

also, new game!

new game!

some stuff!!

added toky+

tone indicator dictionary shortcut. also go check out dreamnotes
also music now works on safari... yay?

added a totally legit exe file

added something not out yet ?

security patches and more qol :)

some qol updates made
"mlg karamarea" game added

donation page added to /more/
shittylist now slightly updated i think

2020/10/18 (but not at 3am)
/u/ is now available to the public!
small design fix where a image wasnt responsive.
shittylist added to /more/
ctrl-m mutes any music playing (useful when miniwa is working on the site and has too many tabs of it open)

2020/10/18 3 is created, which basically ended up being 1, but better looking and less of a mess code-wise. 2 is (probably) permanently scrapped, and the (for now) final version is put up on display above.

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