matrix verify page

if you don't know what systemspace is, or you're not a migrant, dont bother with this page.
this page exists to prevent impersonation of migrants on the matrix chat.

lets get started!
to verify yourself, you're going to:

  1. get your ol' regpic
  2. grab a peice of paper, around 25% the size of your regpic
  3. write todays date (which is 21/10/22) and on it, and make sure the text overlaps
  4. below this text, write "this image is null and void from any official systemspace validation"
  5. take two pics, both from diffrent angles, and with the timestamp covering diffrent parts of your regpic, and upload here
obligatory examples:

examples of regpics.

mini q'n'a: (scroll down if you just wanna get on with it)

okay, lets actually do this!

Your matrix username: Your migrant number:

[ Different Image ]

blatantly obvious disclaimer: doesnt have shit to do with the tsuki project.
i just want somewhere for migrants to be comfy until back, please dont transgress me.