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henlo gamers, it is me, remi!
welcome to my web sit!!! (i need a new domain name lol)

enjoy your stay, and if you came here from my socials, read thru the lists and about page! ty~

oh, and if you're on a computer, click on the button down in the bottom right for some tunes u.u
(note: epilepsy warning, if you do.)
(scroll further down for info about the site, and not me!)

henlo~ it is me, minwia! also known as remilia. or remi. but honestly, you can call me whatever you want u.u

interests are outdated and im too lazy to update them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stan ralsei deltarune

some fax: let’s elaborate on things!
henlo again, i’m remi. (or maybe emi. names? are stupid), i’m 19 (but i question my mental age), and i need a fricking hug.
my sexuality is a mystery but also im taken so outta hereeee, and i work in networking. did i say work? i lied. i’m studying. hahhahah
networking is fun though. you get to yell at a cisco textbook all day for being stupid. except it’s not yelling it’s mostly “somewhat loud meowing"
in other news, typing with cat paws is hard. somewhat jealous of my fox fren who just carries a keyboard in her mouth and types on that.. i need a better solution for typing.
now how do i play osu like this? don’t . don’t ask. though, if you wanna play osu together someday? hmu, i’m always up for some good ol host rotation c:
also. i stan technoblade and love to watch really anyone in the dsmp, and also hololive peeps sometimes! if you wanna hang out and watch a stream together, also hmu! i am the type that’ll stay up until 4am in chat texting about this stuff so. send help lol (also hugs. please)
uh, what else to talk about? oh, i know! the site itself.

so, about this site…
welcome to minwia’s site! formerly known as miniwa.space, here i keep whatever things i think are nice enough for other people to find out about, but not hype enough to go on my twitter account :p
i might also start a blog here. “but minwia, isn’t that twitter?” yes. yes it is. but blogs are cool, and totally in these days! right? no? okay, fine, i’ll stick to twitter…
but uh. this sites pretty much just a caard these days. and i like it that way. why not go check out the lists page? that’s where i keep the dni’s and byf’s :>
or check out the contact page, and say hi if what you read above was convincing enough that you want a new friend?

wait, why’s the site miniwa.space and not minwia.space?
short answer: lazyness
long answer: so i have this adorable rabbit known as miniwa. i love him to death. however, referring to yourself online with the same name as your pet, can make other people talking about you confusing. so one day after i spelled miniwa wrong as minwia, i started calling myself that instead. now why isn’t the site minwia.space? because moving it sounds like a pain, due to how many things i have running on here, along with the nature of some of them…

wait, about miniwa.space…?
(warning: rant ahead)
this site has been around for, uh, some time. this is the fourth time in re-making it, fun fact!
starting life sometime in late 2018 as the ugliest website on the planet, miniwa.space stayed as the number one stop for rampant shitposting and in general all kinds of things i strongly uh. do not support these days! for like, two years! and then, sometime in 2020 i realized (very late) that keeping that up was a terrible idea (because let’s be fucking real here i do not support any of that these days and i’ve changed a surprising amount in the time from 2018), and i took the site down for redesign, and also removal of uh. basically just imagine racism: the chat room.
and out came miniwa.space 2! an incredibly fancy, overengineered (for what i can pull off, atleast) website with a notable lack of racism, but it still made the fatal mistake of having a chatroom in the first place. haha, jk! ms2 was scrapped one bored night (despite me having worked on it for weeks) when ms3 came along, a considerably simpler and cozier looking website, that was coded in the span of like. 4 hours maybe? now notably without a chat at all.
honestly though. like i cared, other than the music choice being.. a bit bad, ms3 worked very nicely. also, archives of ms1 (with most things removed), ms2 (in its incomplete state), and ms3 are available under the projects tab down there! but that brings us to ms4… which was just made out of “ms3’s music sucks” and “free serotonin!!!”, featuring some neat animations, and even less ties to things i don’t wanna associate with than previous ms versions, to the point of me not actually calling it ms4 outside of this text and some code, and instead just being called minwia’s site. this site features the best of ms2 (cool animations!) and ms3 (simplicity in general), while being more similar to a caard in terms of content. nice!
finally, i am (mostly) free. been too long.
either way - now that you’re here and you now know about my hatrid for past me and past my websites… why don’t you go check out some other things? there’s a lot more fun content here, than this history (rant) about old site content :p

(scroll down for dni and byf!)

nice websites you should look at:
like the about page, this one is also kinda outdated... maybe i should go update this all, lol

cool artists:
things you should totally hit me up if you enjoy:
dni but /j:
byf and also how i act in dm’s:
or as i like to call it, the socials masterlist

discord: remi#7270
my discord is the best way to get ahold of me. before trying anything else, try my discord.
email: remilia@remilia.se
twitter: @2remili
tumblr: 2remili
unused, mostly
youtube: spica
s u b s c r i b e
osu: _spica_
tiktok: @2remili
oh gee. lets go.

random websites!
cool things!
the archives!
kind note: the archives really are that, archives. i'm keeping them up for history:tm:, but ... i dont want much to do with most the stuff there, anymore.