playing: nothing
by noone
henlo gamers, it is me, remi!
welcome to my web sit!!! (i need a new domain name lol)

enjoy your stay, and if you came here from my socials, read thru the lists and about page! ty~

oh, and if you're on a computer, click on the button down in the bottom right for some Really Fucking Loud Music but the visualizer is really cool so its worth it
(note: epilepsy warning, if you do.)

whoops, i nuked this page!
it's okay, it was too outdated.

uhh. guess i'm obligated to type some stuff though.

henlo! (again)
it ' .m e, remi!!! i am ur average Trash Girl (she/her(/they??)) that play.s Dumb Rhythm Gays and Uhhhhhh networking????
oh god im retryping this and realizing html isnt repsecting my space bar mashing IM MAD AT HTML
css time. webdev is like my favourite top all things of all time but its also complete trash. Why Is It like This

oh right. we're not talking about webdev
anyway im like. chill or something
or chaotic i dont fucking kNOwo
be my fren pls (this is a big mistake. u will regret this)

advantages of being remi fren:
* annoying person to talk to
* someone to share ur love of clickinmg cricle witoh
* gay

Fax Section:
anyway so uhhhhhhh
if you're still around. hmu discord
oh also go check out the lists. or projects. section of the website
projects are more fun, lists are interesting if u wanna know more about me tho (wtf)
aite toodles

(scroll down for dni and byf!)

nice websites you should look at:
cool artists:
things you should totally hit me up if you enjoy:
dni but /j:
byf and also how i act in dm’s:
or as i like to call it, the socials masterlist

discord: remi#6823
my discord is the best way to get ahold of me. before trying anything else, try my discord.
though, discord kinda... sucks, so consider adding me on revolt instead! i check it every now and then.
email: remilia@remilia.se
twitter: @2remili
tumblr: 2remili
unused, mostly
youtube: spica
s u b s c r i b e
osu: _spica_
tiktok: @2remili
oh gee. lets go.

random websites!
cool things!
the archives!
kind note: the archives really are that, archives. i'm keeping them up for history:tm:, but ... i dont want much to do with most the stuff there, anymore.